General Convention to New York City: Drop Dead

Actually, that’s an exaggerated headline. The House of Deputies has only voted to sell the Church Headquarters on 815 Second Avenue.

But there is an anti-establishment undertone in this vote, as seen in this comment from a delegate from New Jersey: “815 Second Avenue is the relic of our delusions of being an established church from an imperial era. Constantine has left the building. Unfortunately, Constantine has left us the building.”

Others might argue that instead of acting like the establishment, we have been real estate neophytes. This huge, grossly under-used building in prime real estate a block from the UN actually costs us $7,000,000 a year–whereas it should be making us money or at least breaking even.

In any case, speaking as someone from a parish church that is among the closest to the Church Center geographically, I have to say that I can’t see it would make much different to New York if the bureaucrats left. We hardly see them, nor does anything they do seem to touch our lives. —J. Douglas Ousley

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