GC 2012

I have not been able to comment on the just-concluded General Convention as much as I hoped; a summary of the resolutions passed can be found here. More comments in the weeks ahead.

An initial reflection would be that the results were entirely predictable. Traditionalists will be dismayed by the same-sex blessing rites, even though these have been coming for years–and will be regarded by the larger culture as the least we could do. The budget worries seemed to have been pushed on into the future, rather like the National Debt. The membership decline seems to have been ignored as past conventions have ignored it.

That said, media attacks on the progressive drift of our church have been equally predictable, and they are getting tiresome to Episcopalians on both sides of the fence. In thousands of churches, people are fed spiritually and enabled to serve God, whatever Conventions do or don’t do. That fact is also worth remembering, and giving thanks for. —J. Douglas Ousley

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