Esprit de corps

Just back from the UK, I was impressed by the health of the Church of England in the two areas I visited. In London churches, attendance has apparently been going up for the past ten years. Cambridge chapels and churches are full in term-time; the church I attended on Sunday morning was packed.

A highlight of my trip was a dinner attended by a large group of London clergy. A witty speech by the Bishop of London contributed to the general good feeling. Many of us were moved by the Bishop’s tribute to the resigned Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral, whom many feel was a sacrificial lamb offered to the Occupy London movement. (The Dean was sitting across from me and was obviously moved by the waves of applause.)

Finally, I must admit personally to much pleasure in being seated at the head table and recognized by two speakers as one of the new leaders of the New York-London diocesan link program. Some ties in the Anglican Communion remain strong. —J. Douglas Ousley

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