Cardinals Flying the Coop?

Yesterday, another Manhattan rector announced that he is resigning to look for a position in a small upstate parish. This will make at least seven parishes in this borough who are looking for rectors.

I love my job and try never to complain; most days, it hardly seems like work. My job is certainly easier than the work most of my parishioners do. But the early retirements and resignations of so many of my colleagues recently makes me wonder if being a “cardinal” rector is not what it used to be. More demanding parishioners may be a problem, as well as less money. Or this may just be a generational blip. Time will tell.

But for one parish, a sobering announcement on Palm Sunday. —J. Douglas Ousley

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2 Responses to “Cardinals Flying the Coop?”

  1. laurie mygatt says:

    Wait until they discover the strum and drang of an up-state parish!!. Those are really poor and small. Very conservative. The Church of the Cross in Ti is going to need a new rector soon as our wonderful Margery Floor is getting very lame and her husband is ailing too. Want to join up there. Housing is dirt cheap and you don’t need a weather report, because you can smell the paper mill right before a rain storm.

  2. Christopher Stromee says:

    Very nice to read such a positive personal report! That’s my take away from your blog!

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