ABC to Go

The Archbishop of Canterbury recently announced that he intends to leave his post at the end of this year to become master of a Cambridge college.

A rumor that Archbishop Rowan Williams would leave had been circulating for some time but the decision was still surprising. Most Archbishops have stayed at least into their late sixties, if not until the mandatory Church of England retirement age of 60; Williams is now 61.

It’s not surprising that few in the Anglican Communion will be heralding the Archbishop’s ten-year reign as a huge success. For the conservatives, Williams was too wishy-washy; for the liberals, he was too compromising. Saddest of all is the undeniable goodness and talent of Rowan Williams, the man. If he couldn’t dampen the fires of controversy, who could? Who can? —J. Douglas Ousley

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  1. Kathleen Kehoe says:


    I think that Rowan Williams is a wonderful human being-
    smart and open-minded and caring. That’s as good as it ever
    gets. A real loss. Lucky for him he will be the “Master
    of Maudlin” — and really lucky for Maudlin’s students.

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