Costs of Discipleship

A recent mailing to parishes in the Diocese of New York asked them to “share in the celebration” of the consecration of the new Bishop Co-Adjutor by contributing to the purchase of new vestments for the bishop. Clergy were asked to pass the invitation along to parishioners “to encourage participation by everyone who would like to contribute.

This is hardly an unusual or unreasonable request. What seems unusual to me is the dollar amount needed: “about $10,000.00.” Admittedly, purple cassocks and other episcopal garb are surely expensive. And the total is equivalent to around 25 cents per New York Episcopalian.

Still, at a time when so many parishes are struggling financially–a point stressed by the new co-adjutor during the election process, putting the dollar amount out there could be off-putting. —J. Douglas Ousley

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  1. Jane says:

    $10,000. Wow. That’s not much at all. I mean, you couldn’t, say, feed a family for a year on that amount, or anything. They should treat the new Bishop to fancier duds.

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