Diocese of New York to Manhattan: Drop Dead?

Just before Labor Day, the diocesan nominating committee announced its list of five candidates for Bishop of New York. They all seem to be able church leaders.

However, they are hardly persons of stature, nor are their accomplishments exceptional–especially compared to previous bishops of New York prior to their elections.

And–while I know this is a very parochial concern about a small matter in the history of things–there are no candidates with any apparent connection with the Diocese of New York, not to mention Manhattan, where so many historic Episcopal parishes are located.

Moreover, there are very few opportunities planned to meet the candidates; Manhattan delegates to the electoral convention will have to attend a “walkabout” on a Friday afternoon at 1 PM–not easy for the working lay delegates.

I have previously complained about the lack of Manhattan clergy on the nominating committee–or in other diocesan committees. I realize, too, that the days of cardinal rectors and noblesse oblige are long gone. Nor do I have a personal ax to grind; I don’t like committees and am too old to be a bishop.

But I know so many talented colleagues in Manhattan whose advice and counsel is sought throughout the nation and world–and whose leadership potential in our own diocese is ignored. —J. Douglas Ousley

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2 Responses to “Diocese of New York to Manhattan: Drop Dead?”

  1. Ricardo Miranda says:

    Yes, it certainly has been remarked upon, even from the pulpit of my own parish….

  2. Christopher Stromee says:

    And did the Committee- however it was composed – even think to target and seek out top candidates, or did they mostly wait to sift through the mail?

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