Royal Success

Many observers noted the simple and traditional tone of the recent royal wedding. One conservative blogger, David Virtue published this comment from one of his readers: ” 1. The Service was the 1928 proposed English BCP service complete with Elizabethan language. 2. All the clergy were vested in cassock, surplice and stole … no albs & stoles … with copes. 3. The Bishop of London was vested in rochet and chimere with preaching scarf. 4. The Abbey clergy all wore preaching bands with cassock, surplice, stole and cope. 5. No one genuflected or reverenced the altar when passing in front of it…not even the Dean or the Archbishop of Canterbury. 6. No one made the sign of the Cross; 7. No incense; 8. The Dean of the Abbey, not the Archbishop of Canterbury, gave the final blessing because the Abbey is a Royal Peculiar, and bishops participate only by invitation of the Dean. 9. Magnificent music. Very Anglican … fairly low church.”

The churchmanship likely reflects the preferences of Queen Elizabeth II. In any event, it was an extraordinary tribute to the great liturgical tradition of our Mother Church of England. —J. Douglas Ousley


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