Erica Wood

On Wednesday, the Rev. Erica Wood passed away, following a long illness. Erica was at one time the President of the College of Preachers at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

For years, the College was one of the great institutions of the Episcopal Church. The best speakers and teachers in our church came there to share their wisdom with clergy and help them write and deliver better sermons. For some reason, the Cathedral decided it could no longer afford the College; I believe that Erica was the last in a distinguished line of Wardens and Presidents.

I happened to know Erica because she was related to one of our parishioners by marriage. She once preached here and it was among the very few sermons I can quote many years afterwards. She was the finest of preachers and the finest of priests. May she rest in peace and rise in glory. —J. Douglas Ousley


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  1. The Rev. Paul Metzler says:

    Doug –

    Erica was a good friend of ours, from Syracuse years. She and my wife, Martie, were going through the ordination process for some of the same years. Erica was also our daughter Elizabeth’s Godmother. Unfortunately we were not able to get in touch with her the last momths and we only today learned of her death.

    I assume your parishoner must be Wheaton’s sister? I never met her but would be glad to hear from her if she is open to that. You can give her my email or my office phone at Hospice: 212 609-1979.

    It was touching to find your comments when I goggled her name earlier this evening.



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