Church for a New Age?

In a recent address to the Church Club of New York, Dean Samuel Lloyd of the Washington National Cathedral claimed that the church is undergoing the sort of revolution that happens only once every 500 years. Several commentators in the Church of England have also made the assertion, even employing the dreaded phrase, “paradigm shift.”

Maybe they are right. And maybe the church will emerge healthier and stronger after the amazing period of change. If, for example, it goes from being a club to being a movement, as Dean Lloyd foresees, that would be a reform for the better. But there have been so many prophecies of revolutionary change over the years–in the 1950’s, “the church in the nuclear age;” in the 1960’s, “the church in the Age of Aquarius;” post-9/11, “the church in the age of terror,”–that one hesitates to say that our age will be different from all other ages.

–J. Douglas Ousley

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