The Word not Made Flesh

Here–in its entirety and without comment from me–is the opening statement for a press conference by a very highly placed Episcopal Church leader:

“It’s been, so far, we’re not quite finished yet, but a three-meeting here in the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth. A majority, or large part, not majority, but a large part of our time has been spent on learning about the diocese and experiencing the life in this diocese has been very positive in life giving ways. All of our committees have met. We have been hearing reports today from them and have passed some resolutions. In my opening remarks, I mentioned that — I think the term I used is “it’s in the water” — there’s some discussions going on around the church about structure and governance and how our structure and governance can enable our mission more effectively. And to that end our governance and administration for missions joint standing committee has come up with a very good resolution that charges the standing committee on structure to bring together a group to talk about that. That’s kind of my summary.”

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  1. C. Stromee says:

    Yikes! There are young teens at Incarnation who could have made a better report.

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