More Fiddling

Membership in the Episcopal Church continues to decline, churches and individuals continue to leave, seminaries are closing or selling their real estate to survive. What is the response? Full communion with the Moravians! Who are the Moravians and how will this help us serve God? Don’t ask me. —J. Douglas Ousley

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  1. Dear Rector,
    Grace and peace in this Season of Lent.

    you pose an interesting question. The ELCA entered into full communion with the Moravian Church a year before entering into full communion with the PECUSA, now known as TEC. How has full communions assisted in the proclamation of the Good News? Was it in response to the Lord’s Priestly Prayer or His command that we should go forth to all peoples, baptizing them in the Name of the Triune God. (admittedly added in this gospel). If we are the Body of Christ, can we as Paul reminds us, that we have no need of other parts of the same Body? Does not a joint and public witness by we sinner/saints, guided by the Holy Spirit, help the kingdom of God in this fallen world? I believe the answer is yes! Yet, we have failed to live into these full communion agreements. Both the ELCA and TEC in our metropolitian area show rapid decline. Congregations are w/o under-shepherds and yet our respective congregations can be a few blocks from one another. Would Incarnation call a Lutheran pastor as an Assistant or Associate Rector? Would a large ELCA congregation do the same? Could 2 congregations within our respective Traditions within the OHCA Church share the pastoral ministry? Again, yes…but will we? Are we willing to walk in faithfulness with eachother as we live into our baptismal promises? I pray that during this Lenten Season we pause, reflect, repent and look to the Cross and the empty Tomb and remember what He has accomplished…and what He calls us to do in His Name.

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