War of the Hitchens’

It is remarkable to read Peter Hitchens’ memoir, The Rage Against God:How Atheism Led Me to Faith, just after his brother, Christopher’s autobiographical reflections, Hitch-22. The latter is famous for his atheistic tract, God is Not Great. Peter details his own return to faith in conscious sibling rivalry. Ironically, both brothers, who have been known as foreign journalists and political analysts look likely to be remembered for their opposing views of religion.

My own views of the books: While Peter’s memoir meanders is a bit critical of trendiness in the Church of England, he offers many good reasons for embracing the consolations of faith. While Christopher’s tract is filled with weak atheistic arguments, his memoir is brilliant and often riveting. Both brothers deserve the gratitude of believers for bringing religious questions back onto the best-seller list. –J. Douglas Ousley

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