Our New Website

As the new web site launches, I resolve to post more often on the parish blog, especially on controversial church topics that are of interest but don’t warrant consideration from the pulpit. As in the past, I will welcome comments from parishioners and others.

–J. Douglas Ousley

3 Responses to “Our New Website”

  1. Kathleen Kehoe Glass says:

    Doug and Jonathan,

    Congratulations on the new website. It is as beautiful
    as our church!

    Kathy Glass

  2. Mark says:

    Amazing! The church looks brand new. My first time checking out the new website. Congratulations.
    The Junior Warden

  3. James White says:

    Very well designed website and easy to navigate through. Was very nice reading through the church history among other things. Five stars on the blog page. Congratulation.

    James White

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