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19aug2:25 pm2:25 pm"You Are What You Eat"2:25 pm - 2:25 pm


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  1. Adi P

    You said that the greek translation for “Eat” means “devour”. I just wanted to say that it is false. Eat, in greek, is simply Eat, not devour. I don’t understand what you are trying to do with your explanation, but it seems like you’re just using some words and intonation that appears to be scientific and confident, but it’s empty. If I were there, I would have been upset and I would question myself it I want to take part of the Eucharist.
    Good day!

    • Adrian Dannhauser

      Hi Adi, and thanks for your comment.

      Jesus uses two words for “eat” in this passage. First is a form of “phago” and then a form of “trogo.” The latter is more primitive and denotes the way an animal eats. This from a resource that I used in preparing for my sermon:

      “[W]hen we consider the language used by John, a literal interpretation — however disturbing — becomes even more obvious. In John 6:50-53 we encounter various forms of the Greek verb phago, “eating.” However, after the Jews begin to express incredulity at the idea of eating Christ’s flesh, the language begins to intensify. In verse 54, John begins to use trogo instead of phago. Trogo is a decidedly more graphic term, meaning “to chew on” or to “gnaw on” — as when an animal is ripping apart its prey.” (

      It’s also worth noting that Jesus uses “sarx” (which denotes meat, flesh) instead of “soma” (which just means body) when stating that we are to eat him.

      Here is a helpful site for looking up vocabulary words in the New Testament Greek Lexicon –

      In my sermon, I argued that Jesus wanted to shock his audience and make them uncomfortable, as evidenced by his choice of words. If I made you uncomfortable in doing so, I am more than happy to discuss. I would welcome an email or phone call. I’m no expert in biblical Greek, but the scholarship is sound and I can point you to biblical commentaries if you’d find that helpful.

      Thanks again for your comment and a good day to you,


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