march, 2020

15mar6:34 pm6:34 pm"Living Water Trickles Down"6:34 pm - 6:34 pm


6:34 pm - 6:34 pm

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  1. Ned Wilson

    I think it is great that you will be streaming next week’s service on line. We should be doing this every service. Over the 40+ years that I have been a member of Incarnation, we have had many members who became too infirm, mostly due to age, to attend the services. Streaming would solve this problem for many of them.

    Also, we have had many members who came to NYC for several years because of their job only to have to leave because of the same job. I know many would have liked to stay involved with Incarnation even at their new homes. We have many former members who live in many parts of the world. The streaming could keep them involved.

    Personally, my wife and I moved to Vermont for business reasons 27 years ago, but still maintain our membership at Incarnation. Because we run an Inn, we are unable to attend the local church on Sunday as this is a day when most are checking out and we have to be here at our front desk. We could watch the service on our computer.

    I hope you stream the service often.