Men’s Group

The Men’s Group meets monthly during the program year (mid-September through mid-May) to discuss spiritual and social issues. The conversation is led by the Rector, other members, and guest speakers who present the topic for the evening’s discussion.


Monday, December 2

7:00 to 8:30 p.m. Men’s Group meets in the Parish House. Join the Rector and our new Interim Associate, the Rev. Rik Pike, for a discussion on “Ministry and Church Vitality in Westchester County.” Rik will outline his five years of ministry up in Bedford, NY and suggest how his Westchester experiences may contain lessons for us all on the current challenges facing the Episcopal Church. Refreshments will be served.


  • Bible Trivia Night with the Women’s Group. Congratulations to the Brood of Vipers on their trivia win!
  • a talk by parishioner Joseph Basset on contemporary Japanese religion, based on his visit to Japan.
  • a talk by parishioner Mark Lulka on the relationship between the Orthodox Church and the Russian State.
  • a discussion led by the Rector about the current Pope and inter-church relations, based on his visit to Rome.
  • a gathering at the home of Ted Rast for an election night party.
  • a joint meeting with the Women’s Group to learn about the historical Jesus. The Rector and Associate Rector led a discussion about who Jesus was as a person in history and how this informs our claim that he is Risen Lord today.

The Men’s Group has begun a new program, “Spiritual Friends.” The idea is to set up pairs of group members; the pairs will meet occasionally for dinner to discuss spiritual matters. Let the Rector know if you’re interested.

Contact the Rev. J. Douglas Ousley, Rector, for more information.





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