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For Once, I Was Right

Monday, June 29th, 2015

I have an almost perfect talent for mis-predicting the outcomes of elections.

But I got last Saturday’s election right. In fact, I predicted a year ago that Bishop Michael Curry of North Carolina would be a strong candidate for Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. At the beginning of this year’s General Convention in Salt Lake City, the House of Bishops chose him to be our next PB.

The election was surprisingly lop-sided, indicating that our bishops recognize the need for a powerful preacher and charismatic personality at the helm. One person can’t do everything. But we can at least put our best bishop to the front of the line. Deo gratias. —J. Douglas Ousley

Not Breaking News

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

The 78th General Convention of the Episcopal Church begins this week in sunny Salt Lake City. The Convention is always held in the summer and always in cities that are cheap to visit in summer months; a few years ago, the convention was in very sunny Phoenix.

The main interest seems to be the election of a new Presiding Bishop. I’ve already given my opinion on that in a previous blog. Some bishops are predicting that my first choice of a year ago, Michael Curry of North Carolina, will be elected on the first ballot.

What is equally interesting is how there is no other main interest! The world’s largest democratic body, meeting for almost two weeks at vast expense, seems to have nothing much to decide.

That’s especially disheartening when every recent year’s statistics register declines in membership and attendance at American Episcopal churches. May God save his church. —J. Douglas Ousley

Makes the Heart Glad

Monday, June 8th, 2015

Among the famous buildings near Incarnation is Madison Square Garden. I was walking by there last week as a throng of college students in caps and gowns emerged with their families from what must have been a degree-awarding ceremony.

Although the diversity of the graduates was predictable–a number of different national backgrounds were represented, for instance–it was still touching to see them all. America really is the land of opportunity, and with all the media attention to racial prejudice, it was heartening to see the representatives of many peoples and nations as they prepared to contribute to our common future. —J. Douglas Ousley


Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

This Sunday, we will celebrate the completion of our capital campaign to raise money to restore the spire of the church.

The program went surprisingly well–the work was done under budget and the funds turned out to be sufficient to do additional work that we thought we would need to do in five or ten years. This bonus saved our paying for a second scaffold to surround the church.

Now not only does the spire look pristine, but we have eliminated the sidewalk bridge that hid our church for over two years. So we are ready once again to invite people into our building and into our parish family. —J. Douglas Ousley