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Money Changing

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Although I do not at all recommend the extreme traditionalist blog VirtueOnline, the author, David Virtue (his real name) had a point when he noted the irony: the Haitian Ambassador to the United Nations has just rented a floor of the Episcopal Church Headquarters–expensive space in a prime location a block from the UN.

At the same time, the Episcopal Church is raising money to rebuild the main cathedral of our fellow Episcopalians there; in fact, Incarnation was an earlier contributor to this campaign. Our diocese and many other church organizations are also giving money to relieve suffering and encourage development in the poorest country in our hemisphere.

I’ll leave it to others to figure whether this rental is a good use of our patrimony. —J. Douglas Ousley

The Presiding Bishop Weighs In

Monday, August 6th, 2012

The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church recently offered her reflections on General Convention. One of Bishop Jefferts Schori’s few acknowledgements of the deep problems of the Church she leads:

“We’ve begun to realize, pretty widely across the Church, that the way we’ve “done church” for the last century or more no longer fits many of our contexts. We haven’t been terribly effective at evangelism with unchurched populations; we haven’t been terribly effective at retaining the children born to Episcopal parents; family structures are changing and our ability to address the needs of those families has not kept pace, whether we’re talking about ECWs and women in the workforce, or single-parent families, or special needs children.”

Yet she doesn’t list any substantial efforts to address the above issues other than to “restructure” the church (which as far as I can see means, downsize the national bureaucracy.) At least, I don’t see specific programs or other ways to respond to the Presiding Bishop’s real concerns. —J. Douglas Ousley