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Trinity Church Zuccotti Park?

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

“We welcome any of those involved in the protest for pastoral care and reflection.” These words from the Rector of Trinity Church Broadway might have been expected. After all, Father Cooper could hardly have said, “We refuse to meet any protestors who seek pastoral care or reflection.”

On the other hand, Trinity Church has often made much of its links with Wall Street. And much of its historical fame has been based on its vast wealth derived from Wall Street landholdings and stocks. I wonder about its anodine “welcome” to protestors who–as far as anything they say is coherent–seem to be attacking the foundations on which Trinity stands. I also question whether the same welcome would be extended to a group of Tea Party activists. But that’s another story. —J. Douglas Ousley

Diocesan Politics Continued…

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Meetings, caucuses, and phone calls are multiplying as the October 29 Diocesan Convention to elect a new Bishop of New York approaches.

At least from my limited point of view in Manhattan, there seems to be no front runner. The two write-in candidates from the diocese have the advantage of being well-known and well-liked–and the disadvantage that their limitations as bishop-material are also well-known. The five candidates nominated by committee are almost equally unknown; while they have their supporters, most delegates I know remain uncommitted. Much will depend on the “walkabouts” to introduce the candidates that will take place during the week of October 16.

The nominating committee has been criticized for coming up with no candidates of national stature. Members of the committee have apparently indicated that a number of prominent clergy declined to be nominated; I know several wonderful priests who withdrew their names, including the person I myself nominated. I hope that these refusals even to be considered aren’t an indication that the job is unmanageable. —J. Douglas Ousley